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rank-13排名第 13全球最大的再保險公司集團由 A M Best 編譯)



生访问英国 阿索克‧洛伊(Ashok K Roy)先生在

洛伊先生访问英国 阿索克‧洛伊(Ashok K Roy)先生在2012年6月间访问了伦敦,以参加在2012年6月18至22日在该市举行的2012年核子库主席团会议及核子库研讨会。

The Nuclear Pool's Forum inter alia also discussed the lessons learnt from Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and also the management of claims and compensation arising there from.

The five day Conference also had representatives of the various countries’ Nuclear Pools.

During his London visit, Mr. Roy also met the Chairman of Lloyd’s Mr. John Nelson. They discussed matters of mutual interest.


Ranked 13thLargest Global Reinsurer Group(compiled by A M Best)