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Page last updated on: 30/03/2017
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第8届国际风险管理会议(The 8th International Risk Management Conference)


The 8th International Risk Management Conference was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 19th and 20th of April this year. This is an annual event that brings together insurers, reinsurers, risk managers, bankers, academicians and corporate representatives on a single platform.

Mr Savio Fernandes, Chief Manager and GIC Re Moscow office representative, Mr Vichar Bhatt represented the Corporation at the Conference.

There were more than 300 participants from various countries in the Conference that focussed on the global economic situation and financial trends.

GIC Re is a familiar name in Kazakhstan insurance industry. The local insurers and brokers evinced keen interest in the rating and financial position of GIC Re.

The Kazakhs are warm and friendly by nature and the GIC Re team had meaningful discussions with the various companies and also the local representatives of brokers.


Ranked 11th Among the top
40 global reinsurance
groups by S&P Ranking