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rank-13排名第 13全球最大的再保險公司集團由 A M Best 編譯)



A.M. Best 机构主办《动态保险环境》(‘Dynamic Insurance Landscape’ )研讨会

由于经济增长、剧烈竞争以及当局加强监管,亚洲国家在其保险市场上正经历着快速的开发。A.M. Best在印度尼西亚雅加达主办了一个研讨会。来自A.M. Best 机构的讲者与地区及当地的市场执业者一起商讨了影响市场发展及个别保险商的议题。

At the seminar held on 10th July in Jakarta, Indonesia Mr Y Ramulu, Dy. General Manager and Mr Vikrant Parate, Assistant Manager participated on behalf of GIC Re. Deliberations on subjects such as ‘rating developments in high growth markets’, ‘A practical view for credit ratings’, ‘Regulation & Credit Rating- friend or foe?’ were handled by speakers with long years of experience and command on the topics.


Ranked 13thLargest Global Reinsurer Group(compiled by A M Best)