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rank-13排名第 13全球最大的再保險公司集團由 A M Best 編譯)



GIC Re分发2014-15财年的红利

  • 2014-15 was another year of growth at GIC Re. The Indian Reinsurer has earned a profit before tax of 2827 crores during the year with a growth of 22.75 %. The profit after tax would be 2693 crores.
  • GIC Re的董事长兼执行董事阿索克‧库马‧洛伊(Ashok Kumar Roy)先生于2015年7月24日在新德里向联邦财政部长阿伦‧简特利(Shri Arun Jaitley)交付了一张540千万卢比的支票,作为2014-15财年的红利,在场见证的还有当时的GIC Re的总经理艾丽斯‧凡特杨(Alice G Vaidyan)女士和B 巴勒昌特拉(B Balachandra)先生。
  • During 2014-15 the Corporation wrote a gross global premium of 15,183 crores compared to Rs 14,680 crore in fiscal 2013-14 registering a growth of 3.4 % which is considered reasonable in the current backdrop of global reinsurance market scenario.
  • Total Investments of the Corporation as on 31.03.2015 stood at 27,972 crore while in the previous year, the figure was 25,580 crore. The income from investments during the year was 4253 crore.
  • The business mix stood at 57-43 per cent respectively for domestic and overseas business. Our long term plan is to bring it to 50-50 in the years ahead.
  • The Corporation’s Assets rose to 78,093 crore during 2014-15. The net worth of the Corporation at the end of 2014-15 stood at 41148.46 crore including fair value change account.


Ranked 13thLargest Global Reinsurer Group(compiled by A M Best)