(Amount in Rs. Lakhs)
  Particulars As at 30.09.2021 As At 30.09.2020
1 Agents’ Balances    
2 Balances due to other insurance companies 304,275.96 306,913.40
3 Deposits held on re-insurance ceded 128,882.21 138,159.00
4 Premiums received in advance    
  (a) For Long term policies (a)    
  (b) for Other Policies    
5 Unallocated Premium    
6 Sundry creditors 5,012.99 5,510.20
7 Due to subsidiaries/ holding company    
8 Claims Outstanding 6,589,040.72 6,218,847.69
9 Due to Officers/ Directors    
10 Unclaimed Amount of policyholders     
11 Income accrued on Unclaimed amounts    
12 Interest payable on debentures/bonds     
13 GST Liabilities 40,511.46 44,338.60
14 Others (to be specified)
  a)  VAT Liability Dubai 39.40 103.02
  TOTAL 7,067,762.74 6,713,871.91
Note :
(a) Long term policies are policies with more than one year tenure
Details of unclaimed amounts and Investment Income thereon                                               (Annual Disclosure at the end of the Financial Year)            (Amount in Rs. Lakhs)
Particulars As at………… As At___________ (Corresponding previous year)
Opening Balance    
Add: Amount transferred to unclaimed amount    
Add: Cheques issued out of the unclaimed amount but not encashed by the policyholders (To be included only when the cheques are stale)     
Add: Investment Income    
Less: Amount paid during the year     
Less: Transferred to SCWF     
Closing Balance of Unclaimed Amount