Name of the Insurer:  General Insurance Corporation of India Date: 30.09.2021
Board of Directors and Key Management Persons
Sl. No. Name of person Designation Role /Category Details of change in the period, if any
Board of Directors
1 Shri Devesh Srivastava Chairman and Managing Director Executive Director -
2 Shri Amit Agrawal Non-Executive Director Government Nominee Director -
3 Shri Atanu Kumar Das Independent Director Independent Director -
4 Ms. A. Manimekhalai Independent Director Independent Director -
5 Shri Deepak Prasad Executive Director  General Manager & Director  Ceased to be Director w.e.f. 31.07.2021
6 Ms. Madhulika Bhaskar Executive Director General Manager & Director  Appointed as Director w.e.f. 06.08.2021
Key Managerial Personnel
1 Shri Devesh Srivastava Chairman and Managing Director Chief Executive Officer -
2 Smt. Jayashree Ranade General Manager Chief Financial Officer Appointed as Chief Financial Officer w.e.f. 03.08.2021 and ceased to be Chief Investment Officer w.e.f 02.08.2021 
3 Smt. Radhika Ravishekar Assistant General Manager Chief Investment Officer Appointed as Chief Investment Officer w.e.f 03.08.2021 
4 Smt. Jayashri Balkrishna Deputy General Manager Chief Risk Officer -
5 Shri Satheesh Kumar Assistant General Manager Compliance Officer Appointed as Compliance Officer w.e.f. 01.07.2021
6 Shri G. Radhakrishna Deputy General Manager Chief Marketing Officer Appointed as Chief Marketing Officer w.e.f 03.08.2021 
7 Shri Balkrishna Variar Deputy General Manager Chief Underwriting Officer Appointed as Chief Underwriting Officer w.e.f 03.08.2021 
8 Ms. Madhulika Bhaskar General Manager & Director  Chief of Internal Audit & General Manager -
9 Smt. Girija Subramanian General Manager General Manager -
10 Shri Hitesh Joshi General Manager General Manager -
11 Shri Sateesh Bhat Appointed Actuary (Non-Life) Appointed Actuary (Non-Life) -
12 Shri Vikash Kumar Sharma Appointed Actuary (Life Re) Appointed Actuary (Life Re) -
13 Shri Deepak Prasad General Manager & Director  Chief Underwriting Officer, Chief Marketing Officer & General Manager Ceased to be Chief Underwriting Officer, Chief Marketing Officer & General Manager w.e.f. 31.07.2021
14 Smt. Suchita Gupta General Manager Chief Financial Officer, Chief Compliance Officer and General Manager Ceased to be Chief Compliance Officer w.e.f. 01.07.2021 and ceased to be Chief Financial Officer w.e.f. 02.08.2021
15 Shri Satyajit Tripathy General Manager General Manager Ceased to be General Manager w.e.f. 05.08.2021
(a) "Key Management Person" as defined under Annexure 4 (Guidelines on appointment and reporting of Key Management Persons) of Corporate Governance Guidelines for Insurers in India 2016
b) In case of directors, designation to include "Independent Director / Non-executive Director / Executive Director / Managing Director/Chairman"